Food and Beverage

To save labor, which is a key goal of many food and beverage plants. R&B technology JSC provides various kinds of solutions by installing sensors (flowmeters, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, etc.), providing controllers for regulating temperature, etc., and supplying systems for the integrated monitoring and control of all sensors and controllers.


The global consumer class has never been larger, and variety and speed have become the name of the game in packing. Greater variety in local tastes, labeling and convenience sizing. And greater speed in creating new products and bring them to market.

Operation Management

We raise the value of manufacturing operations and contribute to society using measurement, control, and information technology to optimize the relationships between the five assets (raw materials, energy, equipment, products, and workers) that are basic to all manufacturing sites.

Energy Management

Optimizing your industrial operations to improve energy efficiency can be a challenge. Energy costs continue to climb. Efficient management means reduction in the usage of water, carbon dioxide, steam, fuel, compressed air, and electricity. You can take greater control over these expenses. Learn more about how a well-planned strategy can help you effectively manage your energy-related cost.