Water and Sewerage

We invest extensively in the development of new products and technologies to deliver best-in-class process control solutions to help you maximize productivity while reducing costs. From field devices and motor control through the supervisory layers to business integration systems, our water and wastewater solutions.

Reliably operate wastewater pump stations

To operate widely distributed, decentralized pump stations more reliably, all parts of the plant must be integrated into a consistent, end-to-end system. That's why it's important that the components used be rugged, reliable and also work together perfectly from process control technology and drive and automation engineering on to the power supply and complete networking.

Fresh Water

Accessing data is important for managing your operations. We provide the necessary solutions to help you get secure access to your data. This in turn allows you to improve system performance through increased visibility into the production process.


Our process control and motor control solutions provide the levels of control and security necessary for your operations. They help you rein in energy use and manage your assets for improved optimization.